Rufa Mae Quinto FHM Sexiest Women Top 86

Rufa Mae Quinto was born on May 28, 1978. She is a Filipino actress, comedian, and television host. Rufa Mae Quinto started her showbiz career after landing a spot in That's Entertainment on 1996. Her biggest break was Gloria, Gloria Labandera on 1997. Rufa Mae Quinto is widely known for playing the character "Booba" and "Boobita Rose" in both hit movies, a role for which Rufa Mae Quinto inspired an international catchphrase in the Philippine vernacular to refer to a lack of English fluency as having a "nose bleed".

This year Rufa Mae Quinto is Top 86  in FHM Sexiest Women.

Jessie Mendiola FHM Sexiest Women Top 85

Jessie Mendiola was one fo the 18 new talents launched by ABS-CBN under Star Magic Batch 15. Her biggest break is playing the title role of the ABS-CBN afternoon TV show Sabel. Jessie Mendiola is TOP 85 in FHM Sexiest Women no wonder her show is very famous not just in the Philippines but some parts of the world.

Jen Rosendahl FHM Sexiest Women Top 84

Jen Rosendahl she a member of a very well known girl group in the Philippines the Viva Hot Babes. Jen Rosendahl is totally hot and very sexy and now she is the TOP 84 in FHM Sexiest Women. I got some of her pictures just check it out.

EB Babes FHM Sexiest Women Top 83

EB Babes of the Eat Bulaga Babes. the EB Babes were formed from the ground up from hundreds of aspiring females from all over the Philippines in a Reality-TV concept. The members of EB Babes are:

  • Rose Ann B. Boleche
  • Marbelynne M. Rivera
  • Mergene E. Maranan
  • Saida E. Diola
  • Molly Eva A. Baylon
  • Maricorn Mangampo
  • Ma. Victoria M. Duenog
  • Stephanie Ann Tan
This year the are TOP 83 in FHM Sexiest Women.

Sheree FHM Sexiest Women Top 82

Sheree is also a member of Viva Hot Babes a female group in the Philippines.

Megan Young FHM Sexiest Women Top 81

Megan Lynne Young was born on February 27, 1990. She is a Filipina-American Actress who is a member of Star Magic Batch 15. She is best known for being a former celebrity housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2. She is a former GMA Network talent. She is the first StarStruck star ever to transfer to GMA's rival station, ABS-CBN, in a bid to change her image from a villain to a nice girl. Megan Young is the TOP 81 in FHM Sexiest Women. I got some pictures to prove that she is worth in the TOP 81 place in the Mens Magazine FHM.

Sheena Halili FHM Sexiest Women Top 80

Sheena Halili was born on January 16, 1986. She is a Filipina actress, teen star, model. She became popular when she played the role of monica in the 2007 series, MariMar. She also became a Regal contract star because of Marimar. She entered Philippine show business through the first wave of StarStruck, the reality-based star search of GMA Network.

Jinri Park FHM Sexiest Women Top79

Interview of Jinri Park
What is the best part of having you as a girlfriend?
I guess it would be me always being up for doing random stuff. Because I know a lot of girls who are into doing routines, like going to the mall, movie, then dinner. I'm up for doing stuff out of the ordinary.

Interesting. What is the most random thing you've done?
I once packed my bag and gone out of town, just because I felt it at that moment. I went to the airport, bought a ticket and just went. I think that's pretty random because I know a lot of people wouldn't do that. They would plan it, be all, "no, not that place, no, not that date". if you feel like doing something you should do it now.

Travel sounds like a big deal for you. What's on your bucket list?
I would love to go to Santorini, in Greece. Also Italy, somewhere near the Mediterranean. I grew up in Cebu, so I like the beach. I like Greece because of the really blue ocean and the white buildings and Italy because there are a lot of museums and artwork.

So that makes you a history buff? Or some of culture vulture?
I'm not really a history buff, but i like art. I love art! But i suck at drawing. It's really bad, like just sticks and weird stuff. Ha ha! But I like looking at paintings. In my free time I also like painting, but it's not something I would show to people and be all, "Yes, I'm a great artist." No, it's just doodling and my thoughts on picture.

Are you more left-brained or rightbrained?
I don't know,  I think I'm in the middle. I'm not totally creative; I wish I were. I would have loved to be, but I also studied pre-Med for two years and loved science and still do. I ready Biology books at home.

Do you envy creative people?
i didn't get to say this earlier, but i love artistic guys. Guys who are good with instruments or good at art. I'm so jealous of creative people; that's something you have to be born with. Whereas science and math, you can actually study it and reach a certain level; creativity is just genius.

Since this is the lingerie special, what do you think is the sexiest piece of lingerie?
I think the simpler it is, the sexier because it draws attention to you and not the lingerie. I like lace, but not too much, just enough to be subtle. I don't like wearing these things because it makes me feel like I have a wedgie all the time! Ha ha! I would wear thongs if I had to wear really tight dresses, but I like wearing normal

I got some pictures of Jinri Park.

Sexy In Her White and Pink Bikinis - Hot Filipino Woman caught at Boracay

Sopiya: Caught!!!!!!!!!! Sexy Filipino Woman in her white,pink,teal bikinis. Sopiya is very sexy on this picture...just take a look on her pink her flawless body makes me hot!!!!!!!

When I saw these pictures, my mind and eyes were in the midst of doubt and series of questions.Was it her awesome body made her sexy? Was it her post on this picture that made her captivating? Was it her white two-piece swimsuit that exposes her sexy body mades me hot? What ever the reasons are one thing is certain: I really like these pictures of sexy,hot and beautiful Filipino woman.





Sexy and Beautiful Filipina Teacher

Debbie: Would you believe that Debbie is a Kindergarten Teacher? Yes she is!!!( and that is why I love Filipino woman). But, unlike those teachers that prefer to face their lesson plan everyday,Debbie is a "Fashionista" type of teacher. One of her hobbies is collecting shoes and sandals. She dream to become a model someday but for now she is very contented of what she has right now and very happy of being a teacher.

One good news is she haven't yet meet his prince charming. A prince charming that will treat her like a princess ,marry her and never ever leave her for the rest of her life.

If I have a kid right now for sure I will enroll my child to her school and always attend meetings just to see her sexy and beautiful face and body. 10 kudos for sexy and hot Debbie!!!!!. I hope she will be able to maintain it ten years from now. By the way, she is just 22 years old.






Sizzling Hot Filipino Woman

Angel is a 21 year old single, sexy,hot and beautiful filipino woman that loves to go to party every day, seeking for friends, and willing to commit her self for a serious relationship. One of her dream is to become an international model someday.Angel is fond of watching love story movies and listening to RNB songs. She always want to challenge guys out there by this simple description of her self:

Im very lovely hot chick that cannot be handle by anyone.... If you are tough enough you should try me...and maybe we can chat and grab a drink somewhere. I'll be waiting for you guys"

But before you start dating her here is a tip: "Soft kisses make Angel sizzling hot"








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